Meschkat Precision Machining was founded in 1972. As a small family owned business, the company specialized in precision machined parts and components. Rooted in craftsmanship learned in Germany, the original owner, Rudolf Meschkat, oversaw the apprenticeship of his son Bodo, carrying on the tradition of learning the machinist trade from the bottom up. In 2001, Bodo and his wife Debbie purchased the company and grew the business with the intent to provide the professionalism and skill that larger companies offer with the personal focused customer service of a much smaller enterprise.

Today the flight hardware ultra-precision AS9100 certified machining company, Meschkat serves customers in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries as well as others needing complex machined quality parts. Meschkat is often consulted early in customers’ design process ensuring that completed designs can be manufactured reliably and cost effectively.


Meschkat Precision exists to provide our customers with ultra-precision quality parts, on time, with the cost efficiency and personal touch of a small business. Customers are provided with the capabilities of state of the art equipment and the latest technology as the company strives to stay at the cutting edge. Meschkat maintains focus on competitive pricing while allowing expansion and profitability.


We intend to continually sustain the cutting edge of precision by promoting skilled and educated work force, maintaining state of the art equipment and technology to provide our customers with quality that is second to none. Our staff is provided with the resources needed to produce precision parts to meet our customers’ needs.

Meschkat Precision Machining
27555 Ave. Scott
Valencia, CA 91355